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MarComm Pro // Photographer

On Monday, 1/10/2011 I relocated back to my hometown of Clearwater in the Belleair neighborhood. Born and raised here, I’m a second generation native Floridian. The best part about being back is that I’m now married to my childhood family friend. We were born in the same hospital, and she’s actually a fourth generation native Pinellas county girl (if you can believe that exists).

A Former NYC Ad Man

I was lucky to have made my home in NYC since the ’90’s, mostly as the Account Exec business/strategy guy in ad agencies. There, we solved creative challenges and told stories for a living. About Brands, that (usually) were exciting/entertaining/engaging enough to get a consumer interested in the Brand’s proposition.

For the last 6 years I’ve been a practicing Marketing Communications junkie on both the Agency side and Client side in Tampa Bay. I worked at PP+K to help launch the new Bright House “Hello Friend” campaign. For 2 years I was the Brand Communications Director at Harmony Home Health, creative directing all the Marketing Communications including launching a new branded website www.harmonyhh.com. At Paradise Advertising and Marketing in St. Pete, I was the Brand Strategist and Director of Business Development, handling the complex county government RFP process to bring in new clients, as well as keeping current clients on the right strategic path.

And now, I not only live in my family hometown, married to a childhood family friend hometown girl, but I’m working with family as the Marketing Director at FloodGate Medical, the leading talent acquisition firm in the medical industry. A tri-fecta.

A Photographer

Specializing in natural light settings, I take a very relaxed, photojournalistic, documentary style approach to portraiture. And especially with Weddings & Children – to find, see, capture, & record fleeting moments. Sometimes soft and quiet, most often energetic and spontaneous. I don’t manipulate or fabricate or manufacture. Just extract the essence of what’s already there. I want it to be pure and genuine.

What I’ve found I have a knack for — whether consciously or subconsciously — is recognizing and capturing a subject in some kind of interesting context and relationship to their surroundings. Within architecture and interesting shapes/geometries, within the environment/nature, with another person, pet, or group of people. Overall, everything really boils down to context and relationships.


Aside from my passion for photography and creative problem-solving, other endeavors include tennis, swimming, and yoga (as a recovering marathoner and triathlete).

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